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1. One of the nicest chicken coops I’ve ever seen. Something similar could work as a greenhouse, without being a garden eyesore. 2. A nice, simple version of a rain chain as a gutter downspout alternative. I hope the water is captured in a reservoir below to water the garden. 3. Cartola is a wonderful [...]

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3 months after we took in a foster dog from a rescue at the beach during that cold snap in winter, we are back to normal around here, just the 6 of us again (2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 humans). Puppies got spayed and back to the shelter last week where they were both promptly [...]


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Rereading this post, it seemed like a trick, so let me say upfront, I have not bought a new house. Carry on… I tend to stay put. My family, going back to great-grandparents, have all lived within the space of a few miles in Northeast Portland. When I bought my first house 11 years ago, [...]

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More from my trip to Cargo last weekend, because I certainly wasn’t going to go out in the yard in the ridiculous downpour. I don’t know why I need all these things, but I do. Felt slippers, eh? Never seen these particular examples before, but I’ll let you in on a surefire party trick. Whenever [...]

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2010-01-18 :: megan // General
Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day

Off topic, but last night over dinner my niece Olivia (above, examining a copper beech I was taking a picture of last summer) had some charming observations. She has been learning about Martin Luther King Jr in her 1st grade class. The teacher omitted his death from the story, but Olivia sensed there was something [...]

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Not much gardening going on around here lately, but after a very spring like January day, I’m abandoning my hopes for more snow and fantasizing about that garden furniture made for evenings with cocktails. I wouldn’t mind lounging in any of these, not one bit. Shiny and red, where wouldn’t this look good? Items in [...]

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2010-01-05 :: megan // General
3 garden resolutions

I’m not much for resolutions as a rule, but if they’re worthwhile goals, now’s as good a time as any to start forming some new good habits. Propagate more, buy less. Or at least give it a shot. It seems so daunting, but plants seem to have a strong will to survive, more often than [...]

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2009-12-30 :: megan // General
A strict snow policy

I found myself in the winter doldrums recently, with the holidays ending, and our prospects for snow days diminishing. Yesterday, though, on a day where they had predicted another day of mid thirties and rain, I got a few calls from my trusty network of those who realize the importance of the Snow Alert, who [...]

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2009-12-22 :: megan // General
Pink Tillandsia Globe

via Posted via web from Plant Lust’s posterous

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2009-12-22 :: megan // General
Table top lawns

See and download the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from Plant Lust’s posterous

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