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2009-11-24 :: megan // Nurseries + Plants
Fall Nursery Shopping

I love plant shopping this time of year. I refuse to give in to the notion that the winter garden has to be dominated by naked trees and bare ground. I have aspirations to make my winter garden something to look forward to, just as I do spring. Evergreens are a staple, when they maintain [...]

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2009-09-18 :: megan // Nurseries + Plants
Dreaming of the HPSO sale

The 90 degree forecast for next week does not get me in the mood for the Hardy Plant Society sale this weekend. When I say I am a fan of fall planting, this is not what I have in mind. What does get me up for it is looking back on past sales. I had [...]

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Lonely Planet, I am not, but for a lazy traveler whose idea of a good vacation day is a little walking, garden ogling, brunch, and inspired vintage shopping, I have found my foolproof day. Am I in a rut to beat this path three times in a row on trips to NYC? Maybe, but looking [...]


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2009-06-19 :: megan // Nurseries
More from the trip to Hughes

In addition to water plants, Hughes Water Gardens has a small but nice selection of succulents and tropicals. If I can trust the tag on this one, I picked up this is a sedum selskianum, which claims to be virtually care free, and hardy to zone 4. I decided to try again with a red [...]

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Last weekend Loree and I hit Hughes Water Gardens, a place which is, objectively speaking, heavenly. Fish and tadpoles and ponds and and incredible selection water plants. I would try to take all of them home, if only I had a pond. *kicking myself for not having a pond yet* Look at all the cute [...]

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2009-06-11 :: megan // Nurseries
Bargain shopping

This week I made the trek out to Means Nursery in Scappoose, about a half hour drive from downtown Portland. It’s not the prettiest nursery around, and there are occasions where I show up and don’t find much interesting (but I’m sure they’re reliable for people looking for their hanging basket annuals, which I’m not [...]


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I have been off shopping since I don’t have a steady gig, and I’ve been better at saving money than I ever have been before. I only spend money on necessities and emergencies and diet coke. Ever since I found out I was getting laid off, I promised my mom we’d have time to do [...]

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Last weekend I made my first trip to the newish Pomarius Nursery. It’s a 5 minute trip across the bridge from my house but I’d never been over there before, in industrial NW Portland, behind Bedford Brown on NW 18th & Vaughn. I want to point out, this was a sunny late morning, on a [...]

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2009-02-18 :: megan // Gardens + Nurseries
February Color

I wish I had learned earlier in my gardening life to shop year round. There was so much good color at Portland Nursery on Valentines day, no flowers necessary. I have a new plant obsession. Aibes nordmanniana ‘Golden Spreader’. It’s a dwarf conifer, hardy to zone 5. In early spring, after a cold winter, the [...]

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2009-01-21 :: megan // Gardens + Nurseries + Plants
What winter?

Cistus Nursery on Sauvie Island is a fun trip any time of year, but it’s my favorite nursery to visit in winter. Any time of year, on the drive out, you pass cows, horses, chickens. You’re likely to see herons, egrets, and hawks, and sometimes you go to pick up a plant, and a little [...]

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