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2010-05-10 :: megan // Stores

Year by year, my back gets slightly more pulled together, and I can focus on more than just pulling weeds and trying to fill the empty space with new plants. Not that I mind that part, but sometimes I want to be able to sit back and enjoy all the work. I am inching toward [...]

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More from my trip to Cargo last weekend, because I certainly wasn’t going to go out in the yard in the ridiculous downpour. I don’t know why I need all these things, but I do. Felt slippers, eh? Never seen these particular examples before, but I’ll let you in on a surefire party trick. Whenever [...]

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2010-01-26 :: megan // Stores

Sometimes our most beautiful cloudy days in Portland, at some angles you could swear you’re looking at a black and white photo. There is no chance of that when you come across Cargo in Northwest Portland: a riot of color, lights, and sparkle, from the first glimpse from the street, and everywhere inside the 20,000 [...]

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2009-12-28 :: megan // Stores
Christmas shopping surprise

A couple people had mentioned a place called Home Goods to me recently, so while passing by when Christmas shopping out by the Portland Ikea, I stopped to check it out. At first I thought I made a mistake and was wasting my time. The front of the store was dominated by trinkets and decorative [...]

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2009-09-11 :: megan // Gardens + Plants + Stores
More New York-y Goodness

If I lived in New York, I think I’d have to be a regular at Chris King of Foliage Plants. It was always closed when I walked by, but how I wanted to find a way in to that steamy tropical rooftop. Imagine living in one of those apartments with windows looking out on this [...]

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Lonely Planet, I am not, but for a lazy traveler whose idea of a good vacation day is a little walking, garden ogling, brunch, and inspired vintage shopping, I have found my foolproof day. Am I in a rut to beat this path three times in a row on trips to NYC? Maybe, but looking [...]


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2008-12-30 :: megan // Stores
Now with more deer!

I’ve been out stimulating the economy. You’re welcome. I didn’t set out on a deer buying mission, but thanks to some compulsive shopping/OCD tendencies, I suddenly have an instant deer collection. This big guy, about 30 inches in each direction, made of resin, looks like wood, pops against the glossy black walls, was on my [...]


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2008-12-12 :: megan // Nurseries + Plants + Stores
Big Red Sun

I love to go to nurseries when I travel, to see what they have that we don’t have at home. This place, the Big Red Sun, was a great little find, with good display gardens that stretched up and down the busy street, past the boundaries of their own property, and in front of the [...]

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2008-12-10 :: megan // Stores

It is a fact that the only reason to go new places is to find stores that sell things that are sparkly. Austin trip = success. Blackmail sells things that are black, white, shiny, or sometimes red. Other than that, it’s kind of all over the place: skulls, clothes, home accessories. I don’t have any [...]


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2008-12-10 :: megan // Stores
Shopping for Day of the Dead

It’s tough to check out Austin too much when I’m in a conference until 5 and everything seems to close by 6, but I went out to South Congress street last night, headed for a couple particular shops, and found all kinds of good stuff. One of my favorite shops was all decorations for Day [...]

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