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2008-11-07 :: megan // Homes + Stores
Very bad animals

Maybe it’s the fact that living with 2 cats and 2 – 4 dogs for the last 10 years is just plain hard on a house. Maybe it’s that I’m terrified of trimming their nails after I cut my kitten’s quick 11 years ago, and it bled a little, and he looked up at me [...]

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2008-11-04 :: megan // Stores
Deyrolle is back

I was happy to receive an email from Deyrolle, a Parisian Natural Curiosities shop that has been around depuis 1831. It is on my list of dream places to visit, and sadly back in February, they sent out a newsletter announcing they had suffered a huge fire that destroyed much of their amazing collection. However, [...]

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2008-09-16 :: megan // Homes + Stores
They’re at it again

Pottery Barn has a habit of following me around and mass producing my stuff. I think I have a Pottery Barn stylist stalker, and it’s creepy. It’s really a drag, because I end up looking like I’m the one copying their style. For Justin’s 21st birthday, we celebrated with a trip to New York, and [...]

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2008-08-15 :: megan // Stores
One more day

If I could take something home with me from this trip, it would be the store X-21, my fantasy glam/macabre home store. At least they list their inventory on their site, which will do in a pinch, but this is for sure going on my must see list whenever I come back here. Pteronadon skeleton [...]

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2008-08-06 :: megan // Gardens + Stores
Party pots

I don’t know how these illuminated pots from Outer Eden have enough room for soil for the plants that grow in them, but they’re pretty. These are the type of clean, fancy-schmancy pots that would make my old, lived-in looking yard look grubby in comparison, but if I were staging a party or wedding on [...]

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2008-04-30 :: megan // Homes + Stores

This last weekend I stopped by for some window shopping at one of my favorite stores, Digs, a small home & garden shop in NE Portland on Alberta. Some day (I always say next year), when my time in my garden is spent lounging and sipping cocktails, rather than hauling wheelbarrow loads of something in, [...]

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2008-04-16 :: megan // Homes + Stores
Fawn and Forest

Fawn and Forest is a shop targeting parents, but their rugs and wall art are fantastic anywhere. French bulldog cutout rug Deer antlers rug Deer silhouette rug Polar bear wall art Sheep wall art

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2008-03-28 :: megan // Homes + Stores
I might have a problem

I have a habit of buying fabric, and it is everywhere. I have chests and closets and drawers and under-bed storage bins filled with it. I also have a healthy collection of vintage patterns. I like having these things. They make me feel full of potential to sew frilly aprons and wear said aprons while [...]

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