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Usually, when I go to Rare Plant Research, it is during the annual spring sale where they are open to the public. It always seems to be roasting those days. And of course all us garden fanatics are elbowing for the good stuff – think H&M the day a new collection launches (well, almost). It’s [...]

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2010-07-29 :: megan // Plants
Beach gardens

The last two winters in a row took down almost all the New Zealand Flax in Portland, and most Portlander gardeners seem to be swearing off the plant for good. How’s that going, by the way? I’ve already caved on that resolution. However, it’s not one of those plants you have to travel to far [...]

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2010-07-26 :: megan // Plants
Plants to go

I spotted these adorable takeout containers in a restaurant on a recent business trip to Seattle. Of course I had to stop for dinner, just to get close enough to get a picture.

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2010-07-21 :: megan // Plants
The denial garden

Some people name their gardens. I have a hard time even naming pets. I have to let their names come to me, otherwise they never fit, and some weird nickname sticks. How else could you explain a dog named Pants? I’ve never thought of any particular title for my garden but if it were to [...]

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2010-07-12 :: megan // Nurseries + Plants
Even more Cistus?

Too much blogging about the plants at Cistus Nursery? Not possible. Either you are lucky enough to be able to visit frequently but you can’t get enough, or you aren’t able to visit, and it is our duty as Portlanders to share the experience. You must always stop and visit the mature tree fern. We [...]

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2010-06-24 :: megan // Plants

Echium death star is one of many plants I wish I could grow in my Portland garden, but I’m a zone or two outside of it’s range, and lacking the sunny spot and poor soil it would thrive in. I might get the chance to grow it as an annual some years, but I’m destined [...]

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2010-06-18 :: megan // Plants
Extra Large

There are many big dramatic plants I love and work hard for, because it’s worth it to ruin your back to dig a bog for a huge gunnera, or to feed and water the bananas and papyrus for a lush tropical summer garden. However, they can’t all be high maintenance, or I wouldn’t stand a [...]

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They have some of the best acanthus I’ve ever seen growing in the gardens in front of Portland’s World Trade Center. Big, glossy, deep green leaves that always seem to make it through the winter intact. I was at an event at the building recently, and got a closer look at the plants. They have [...]

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2010-06-11 :: megan // Gardens + Plants
Signs of urban farming

I stopped a couple weeks ago to get a closer look at a plant that had been catching my eye on a busy North Portland street on my drive home. At a pedestrian’s pace, I couldn’t turn around without seeing irrepressible gardens behind bars. I take it as proof that gardening is contagious, to see [...]

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2010-06-09 :: megan // Nurseries + Plants
An important lesson

It turns out that wet compost is heavy. It also turns out, that if you shovel wet compost into a wheelbarrow until it is heaping full, it creates the perfect lever for wrenching your lower back into a crippling state for two weeks. So for anyone else that’s worrying about a pile of compost in [...]

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