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2009-11-08 :: megan // Books
Some Online Reading

I’ve always loved magazines. I used to regularly go down to Rich’s Cigar Store, gather up an armload of garden, home, fashion, work magazines, and head straight home for an afternoon of reading. I come from a family of magazine lovers, it’s not unusual when we get together for stacks of magazines to appear on [...]

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This April will be an exercise in restraint chez nest maker. This is a budget-gardening year as I make some both exciting and terrifying life changes. More on that tomorrow. This weekend I was pouring through an incredibly inspiring library book. Small Garden by John brooks is a super dense book filled with gorgeous pictures [...]


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Photo from the Librissime site My first trip into Librissime on a charming street in old Montreal, I was so excited by all the beautiful books, I spent about a half hour putting my grubby mits on them, until Justin pointed out a $60,000 price tag and wondered aloud what all the white gloves scattered [...]

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2008-04-06 :: megan // Books + Homes

One of my weaknesses is the tendency to buy frames from estate sales, thinking I will repaint or otherwise salvage the frame and replace the original image with a suitable photograph or print. I have yet to frame anything new, but that is about to change. Last week, I bought a bargain rack copy of [...]

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2008-03-17 :: megan // Books
Ops Opis, by Ron van Dongen

An impossibly beautiful oversized hardcover book of duotone botanical still life photography.

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