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2011-06-14 :: megan // Gardens
Moorten Botanical Garden

One of the most charming and magical places I visited during my California road trip was Moorten Botanical Garden.. It’s a family run botanical garden operated today by Clark Moorten, son of Chester “Cactus Slim” and Patricia Moorten who established the garden in 1938. It’s a small garden, occupying part of one block, just a [...]

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2010-09-13 :: megan // Gardens
I’m alive

Why hello internet, long time no see. I have loaded myself up with projects, I currently seem to have about four jobs. It is possible four is too many. The garden has been a bit neglected this year as a result. There are definite areas where the weeds are winning the war, but overall it [...]

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They have some of the best acanthus I’ve ever seen growing in the gardens in front of Portland’s World Trade Center. Big, glossy, deep green leaves that always seem to make it through the winter intact. I was at an event at the building recently, and got a closer look at the plants. They have [...]

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2010-06-11 :: megan // Gardens + Plants
Signs of urban farming

I stopped a couple weeks ago to get a closer look at a plant that had been catching my eye on a busy North Portland street on my drive home. At a pedestrian’s pace, I couldn’t turn around without seeing irrepressible gardens behind bars. I take it as proof that gardening is contagious, to see [...]

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When you start to run out of gardening space in your own yard, the neighbor’s ignored front lawn starts to look awfully inviting. While I’m still weirded out by the notion that FOOD comes from OUTSIDE, I am curious about the process of growing edibles, and the challenge of making a vegetable garden that doesn’t [...]

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There is a section of the garden that I only acknowledge once a year. The wild garlic infested soil makes planting anything futile. Every spring, when the ground is still soft, the bulbs haven’t flowered, and the rain holds off, I rent drop boxes and cart out the infested soil, one wheelbarrow at a time. [...]

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2010-02-19 :: megan // Gardens
Fake Garden

Maybe I shouldn’t like this, but I do. Last weekend we had brunch at restaurant in downtown Portland called The Original Dineraunt. A lot of times when you hear about this place, their diet-blowing dishes like donut hamburgers and mac-n-cheese pancakes get mentioned. Brunch was okay but I couldn’t stop staring at the fake plants [...]


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2010-02-04 :: megan // Gardens + Plants
That’s me in 20 years

A while ago, I wrote about a garden that wins the award for Most Small Trees and Shrubs on a Small Lot. I thought I packed the plants in, but this gardener has all kinds of tricks up their sleeve, having created mounds of soil to plant more where there is most likely a solid [...]

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2009-11-12 :: megan // Gardens

Work has been winning the tug of war for my time these days. I’m so behind on my internet duties! However, looking back on days where time was not so tight, I was able to walk to work, and was pleasantly surprised by gardens I pass by all the time by car, and never noticed [...]

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I headed out to the Leach Botanical Garden last weekend, hoping to catch my favorite katsura in the process of turning gold and releasing the fragrance of burnt sugar, but I was a little late, the leaves had mostly dropped already. It was perfect timing for little jewels – further proof that the party isn’t [...]

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