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I have this vision that some day, I’ll have a back yard where I could curl up with a book (ok, a computer, or someday when I have the cash to throw around, an iPad). The reality is, I have two folding chairs and a tiny bistro table, where I stop to rest when working [...]

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2009-11-24 :: megan // Homes
Do want

Elephant + Chalkboard + French Stuff = Love at First Sight. I really want this chalkboard decal. Reminds me of my first and only trip to France, when I sadly discovered that my school language studies didn’t take me very far in helping me communicate fluently, but I was happy to find I could often [...]

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Lonely Planet, I am not, but for a lazy traveler whose idea of a good vacation day is a little walking, garden ogling, brunch, and inspired vintage shopping, I have found my foolproof day. Am I in a rut to beat this path three times in a row on trips to NYC? Maybe, but looking [...]


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2008-12-17 :: megan // Gardens + Homes
Neighborhood walk

Sunday it was my step father’s birthday, and we had a bad combination of snow, no chains, and hills, so we walked the 2 miles up to the parent’s house. It gave me time to think about the neighbors, and I realized I have something to say. Dear people who lived in the one mansion [...]

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2008-12-02 :: megan // Homes
Wall Vinyls from Domestic

Heh! French design company Domestic


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2008-11-07 :: megan // Homes + Stores
Very bad animals

Maybe it’s the fact that living with 2 cats and 2 – 4 dogs for the last 10 years is just plain hard on a house. Maybe it’s that I’m terrified of trimming their nails after I cut my kitten’s quick 11 years ago, and it bled a little, and he looked up at me [...]

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As of yesterday, I have shiny new gas log set in my fireplace. While not as nice as a real fire, perhaps, I was excited to have a fire that can be turned off and on with the push of a remote button. I was always afraid to have a real fire, because what if [...]


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2008-09-16 :: megan // Homes + Stores
They’re at it again

Pottery Barn has a habit of following me around and mass producing my stuff. I think I have a Pottery Barn stylist stalker, and it’s creepy. It’s really a drag, because I end up looking like I’m the one copying their style. For Justin’s 21st birthday, we celebrated with a trip to New York, and [...]

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2008-09-11 :: megan // Homes
There goes the plant budget

And the Ikea budget, and the Christmas budget, and the… The big old oil furnace in my basement gave out this spring, and with fall approaching, it was time to get the repair guy out to take a look at it. I loved the big monster, because it made the house toasty in a matter [...]


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2008-07-16 :: megan // General + Homes
Palm Springs Wedding?

When Justin’s dad got married last year, it was the most Grown Up wedding I’ve seen in real life. My father-in-law-to-be and his wife, Robert and Ramona, aren’t life-of-leisure, rolling-around-in-bills, throw-your-money-in-the-fireplace rich or anything. They held their evening, open-bar wedding with about 200 guests at the Governor hotel downtown, and a month before the wedding, [...]

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