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2008-07-07 :: megan // Homes
Ikea weekend

This weekend I braved the Ikea, and it did not kill me, yet. One day, I will have a heart attack there. You can see someone from 15 feet away get all inspired to invade your personal space, and it doesn’t matter what evasive maneuvers you take, they will come stand a foot away from [...]


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2008-06-18 :: megan // Gardens + Homes

I have this plan for my back yard, in a place where only weeds grow currently, to build a little sitting area. Well, a big sitting area. One that I can have soft comfortable outdoor furniture, a roof, electricity so I can plug in my computer and turn on lights, fully screened in so the [...]

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2008-06-03 :: megan // Homes
Now I Hope the Power Goes Out

I bought this lantern from Ikea for 4 cents or so months ago, but took forever to get batteries for it. I got to thinking maybe it was a mistake, because it looked a little uninspired when it wasn’t turned on. I finally lit it up tonight, and I love the little thing. It makes [...]

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So this is terrific: From Crafty Hedgehog’s Etsy store Thanks Saralyn for the tip.

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2008-05-05 :: megan // Homes
Some Love for the Closet

Go ahead and tell me I’m as compulsive as Monica from Friends. I consider it a compliment. Yes, I do have a ribbon drawer. I had my first weekend at home in about 50 years, and got to catch up on chores like putting away the laundry and reorganizing the closet, which makes me unbelievably [...]

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2008-05-03 :: megan // Gardens + Homes
Fantasy Outdoor Furniture

I just had a huge load of compost delivered, and really should be out working away spreading it. I also just had a bloody mary, so I’m lacking motivation to go out there and start shoveling. Instead I’m poking around on the internet looking for the furniture for my future patio. I love this outdoor [...]

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2008-04-30 :: megan // Homes + Stores

This last weekend I stopped by for some window shopping at one of my favorite stores, Digs, a small home & garden shop in NE Portland on Alberta. Some day (I always say next year), when my time in my garden is spent lounging and sipping cocktails, rather than hauling wheelbarrow loads of something in, [...]

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2008-04-24 :: megan // Homes
A night in New Orleans

We’re spending a few nights in New Orleans for a conference. It’s our first time in the city, and we spent the evening walking through the French Quarter. About three blocks away from the hotel, we came across an amazing marching band playing outside the House of Blues. The photo doesn’t do them justice. Their [...]


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2008-04-21 :: megan // Homes
The walls at Pix Patisserie

Last night, we went out to the Portland Mercury Fashion Show, and our friend Kiala wrote a characteristically delightful and amusing story about it. She emerged from the evening with insightful and witty analysis. What did I come away with? A picture of the pretty wallpaper at Pix Patisserie. And renewed shock and indignation over [...]

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2008-04-19 :: megan // Homes
Mirrored furniture

I can totally get behind an online store with a whole page devoted to mirrored furniture, like the Graham and Green online store. Bonus points to the stylist who positioned the Crystal Louis Ghost Chair in the reflection.

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