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File: January 2010

More from my trip to Cargo last weekend, because I certainly wasn’t going to go out in the yard in the ridiculous downpour. I don’t know why I need all these things, but I do. Felt slippers, eh? Never seen these particular examples before, but I’ll let you in on a surefire party trick. Whenever [...]

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2010-01-26 :: megan // Stores

Sometimes our most beautiful cloudy days in Portland, at some angles you could swear you’re looking at a black and white photo. There is no chance of that when you come across Cargo in Northwest Portland: a riot of color, lights, and sparkle, from the first glimpse from the street, and everywhere inside the 20,000 [...]

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2010-01-22 :: megan // Plants

There has been no sign of freezing temperatures here in weeks. Is the threat gone? It’s been pretty boring winter, I’m already working on my spring plant stalking. The biggest hole in my garden is the lack or arisaemas – the plants that have my heart and no place in my soil. I really must [...]

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2010-01-19 :: megan // Plants
A mid January check in

It has been hard to get up for going outside recently, with persistent cold drizzle making a mess of matters. Perfect timing though, yesterday over the holiday, the clouds parted, and we got an afternoon of 50 degree and sunny weather. It was a long overdue opportunity to go see what’s happening in the garden. [...]

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2010-01-18 :: megan // General
Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day

Off topic, but last night over dinner my niece Olivia (above, examining a copper beech I was taking a picture of last summer) had some charming observations. She has been learning about Martin Luther King Jr in her 1st grade class. The teacher omitted his death from the story, but Olivia sensed there was something [...]

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Not much gardening going on around here lately, but after a very spring like January day, I’m abandoning my hopes for more snow and fantasizing about that garden furniture made for evenings with cocktails. I wouldn’t mind lounging in any of these, not one bit. Shiny and red, where wouldn’t this look good? Items in [...]

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2010-01-10 :: megan // Plants

The house is oh so cozy, and the garden is chilly and uninviting, but I’m about ready for some winter color to get me back in the mood for gardening. Portland weather seems to think it’s done with freezing temperatures, and garden cleanup chores are calling, so I’m procrastinating looking back on the year’s pictures [...]

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2010-01-05 :: megan // General
3 garden resolutions

I’m not much for resolutions as a rule, but if they’re worthwhile goals, now’s as good a time as any to start forming some new good habits. Propagate more, buy less. Or at least give it a shot. It seems so daunting, but plants seem to have a strong will to survive, more often than [...]

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Time to put down the glass of champagne and handful of party mix, and get back to it. The back to back 4 day weekends I took off from work were so refreshing, instead of feeling worn out for a change, I was up for some poking around in the yard, looking for the beautiful [...]

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