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File: February 2010

2010-02-21 :: megan // Plants
Celebrity plant spotting

The TV was on in the background this weekend while I was working, I happened to look up and see an unmistakably familiar character. No, not the face of Law & Order SVU’s Christopher Meloni… It was one of the plants I had snapped a picture of when I was in New York last August. [...]

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2010-02-19 :: megan // Gardens
Fake Garden

Maybe I shouldn’t like this, but I do. Last weekend we had brunch at restaurant in downtown Portland called The Original Dineraunt. A lot of times when you hear about this place, their diet-blowing dishes like donut hamburgers and mac-n-cheese pancakes get mentioned. Brunch was okay but I couldn’t stop staring at the fake plants [...]


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What’s a trip to a nursery without a handful of plants added to the wish list? I wonder, for people who have more experience plant gawking than I do, if you ever feel like you’ve already seen it all? I almost hope I never know all the plants there are to know so I can [...]

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Yesterday I made the two hour drive from Portland down to Springfield to visit Gossler Farms. The days before were sunny and dry, but the day I took off from work was cool and drizzly, but not so bad that I could be scared off from exploring the amazing display gardens. I never label my [...]

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2010-02-04 :: megan // Gardens + Plants
That’s me in 20 years

A while ago, I wrote about a garden that wins the award for Most Small Trees and Shrubs on a Small Lot. I thought I packed the plants in, but this gardener has all kinds of tricks up their sleeve, having created mounds of soil to plant more where there is most likely a solid [...]

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2010-02-02 :: megan // Nurseries + Plants
Who stole the show

On Sunday I attended the Timber Press Spring Book Soiree, where a handful of authors spoke and read passages from their books. The biggest wave of excitement from the crowd happened when Roger Gossler of Gossler Farms Nursery showed off a Helleborus with a true black flower, and then announced that it was one of [...]

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