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File: March 2010

Most years by this time, I have started to lose my mind a little, waiting for the return of the leaves. I thought maybe this year, either by keeping busy, planting more evergreens, or having matured as a gardener, I had found that mythical patience we are supposed to have. However, it might simply be [...]

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1. One of the nicest chicken coops I’ve ever seen. Something similar could work as a greenhouse, without being a garden eyesore. 2. A nice, simple version of a rain chain as a gutter downspout alternative. I hope the water is captured in a reservoir below to water the garden. 3. Cartola is a wonderful [...]

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2010-03-25 :: megan // Plants
Some spring like developments

This is my first spring with Syneilesis, although I’m not sure what species. The tag says “unknown hybrid, possibly a cross between S. aconitifolia and S. palmata, as it does not exactly fit either description.” As promised, it appears as silvery silky unfolding umbrellas. I planted it last fall after the Hardy Plant Society of [...]

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There is a section of the garden that I only acknowledge once a year. The wild garlic infested soil makes planting anything futile. Every spring, when the ground is still soft, the bulbs haven’t flowered, and the rain holds off, I rent drop boxes and cart out the infested soil, one wheelbarrow at a time. [...]

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2010-03-19 :: megan // Plants
Mystery plants solved

The wonderful thing about this blogging business is learning from the other gardeners and bloggers out there. Of course I like many many plants, and have a long running wish list, but it sure is hard to track down a plant when you don’t know its name. I thought I’d share some of the recent [...]

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2010-03-16 :: megan // Plants
Neighborhood garden snooping

I was meandering through the neighborhood last weekend rubbernecking at the gardens, and remembered something Roger Gossler had said at the event at Garden Fever. He was showing winter shrubs, and pointing out that the ones with yellow berries read best from a distance. Humans need to get pretty close to see red, but yellow [...]

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3 months after we took in a foster dog from a rescue at the beach during that cold snap in winter, we are back to normal around here, just the 6 of us again (2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 humans). Puppies got spayed and back to the shelter last week where they were both promptly [...]


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2010-03-09 :: megan // Nurseries + Plants
The wooly and the spiky

I was just talking this weekend about how sad it is that not everyone gets to live a short drive drive from Cistus Nursery – a mecca for foliage lovers. How about a look at some more of the plants from my visit a couple weeks ago? I just wish there was a way that [...]

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Rereading this post, it seemed like a trick, so let me say upfront, I have not bought a new house. Carry on… I tend to stay put. My family, going back to great-grandparents, have all lived within the space of a few miles in Northeast Portland. When I bought my first house 11 years ago, [...]

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2010-03-01 :: megan // Nurseries + Plants
Afflicted with Cistus Fever

Some places know how to set the stage. There’s never a time of year where Cistus nursery fails to inspire. The greenhouse this year is decorated with paper lanterns and chandeliers, and suddenly, winter doesn’t seem like garden downtime anymore. The greenhouse felt like the setting for a party, with the most charming of plant [...]

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