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File: April 2010

2010-04-28 :: megan // Plants
Stupid Gardener Tricks

I’ve been trying to get a handle on the weeds in the garden, which I swear was made completely out of invasives, since I moved in. Spot weeding didn’t do the trick, so I switched to a much more effective strategy to re-claim and throughly control a new section of garden every year. I started [...]

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2010-04-22 :: megan // Plants
New year, new color

This may be more common than I realize in the flower world, but I don’t grow very many flowering plants, so it’s new to me. I bought this peony for the foliage and unassuming single white flowers. Sadly when it first bloomed two years ago, it was a candy cane. But then, last year, it [...]


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2010-04-18 :: megan // Plants
Shaq in the pulpit

I’ve had a lengthy unrequited love of Jack-in-the-Pulpits. In my first “experimental” garden years, I brought home odd collections of floppy cottage-y flowers A single delphinium here, a black-eyed-susan there, two shades of pink lavatera side by side. The day I first I cracked open Ken Druse’s book The Collector’s Garden I instantly identified with [...]

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A: Plant shopping with frogs! The first time I went to Cistus was a cold drizzly day in winter. I reached down to pick up an agave and felt something squishy and pulled my hand back, and out jumped a frog. Very exciting stuff. Ever since I’ve been on the lookout. My last trip, I [...]


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It’s not every day you come across a no-care, nearly evergreen, lush, glossy, emerald green shade plant, but it is a happy day when you do. I’ve mentioned in the past that I grow Campanula takesimana for a ground cover, not for its messy flower habits. At the time I only had pictures of the [...]


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I have this vision that some day, I’ll have a back yard where I could curl up with a book (ok, a computer, or someday when I have the cash to throw around, an iPad). The reality is, I have two folding chairs and a tiny bistro table, where I stop to rest when working [...]

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2010-04-05 :: megan // General
a green passerby… – Oh Joy!

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2010-04-05 :: megan // Plants
Well, I think it’s exciting

A couple weeks ago, I went to Garden Fever to pick up some lettuce seeds. I came home all excited and with a significantly lighter wallet. They had these monster colocasia rhizomes. They’re a mystery variety, since I came home with a tag that identified the big foot long rhizome as “Elephant ear, V-shaped plant [...]

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