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File: May 2010

When you start to run out of gardening space in your own yard, the neighbor’s ignored front lawn starts to look awfully inviting. While I’m still weirded out by the notion that FOOD comes from OUTSIDE, I am curious about the process of growing edibles, and the challenge of making a vegetable garden that doesn’t [...]

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2010-05-24 :: megan // General
Houseplant shopping

The office plants where I work gave up and left us with empty pots. Lucky me, I got the task of replacing them. Plant shopping on someone else’s dime – who doesn’t like that? I headed straight for Bedford Brown in industrial Northwest Portland. They’re fancy pants there, I don’t often go shopping for myself, [...]


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2010-05-19 :: megan // Plants
Operation eliminate eyesore

Up until a couple months ago, I had a major detractor sitting right off the side of my patio. Poor, dry, inhospitable soil had me stumped, and the spot became a dumping ground for garden junk, like my winterizing supplies here, that sit at the ready for frost alerts during the iffy months. Add a [...]

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2010-05-13 :: megan // Plants

My jack in the pulpit that had been deemed obscene by a passer-by when it was in the shoot stage, now has fully leafed out, and has a black striped flower. It has actually looked good for 3 weeks now, even after a windy day knocked it over with a flying plant box and I [...]

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2010-05-10 :: megan // Stores

Year by year, my back gets slightly more pulled together, and I can focus on more than just pulling weeds and trying to fill the empty space with new plants. Not that I mind that part, but sometimes I want to be able to sit back and enjoy all the work. I am inching toward [...]

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2010-05-05 :: megan // Plants
May is magic

From this… To that, in one week

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