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File: June 2011

Such a treat to see mature specimens. They could make a girl want to move to Southern California. Giant Golden Barrel Cacti Myrtillocactus geometrizans Not sure Espostoa lanata Notocactus leninghausii Yucca gloriosa Aloe dichotoma The trunk of the Boojum Tree Another spiky trunk character: Caesalpinia cacalaco Bloom spike on Dasylirion wheeleri Aloe vera Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum [...]

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2011-06-14 :: megan // Gardens
Moorten Botanical Garden

One of the most charming and magical places I visited during my California road trip was Moorten Botanical Garden.. It’s a family run botanical garden operated today by Clark Moorten, son of Chester “Cactus Slim” and Patricia Moorten who established the garden in 1938. It’s a small garden, occupying part of one block, just a [...]

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2011-06-11 :: megan // General
Why hello there

Catalina Island hillside Agave After a long unplanned blogging hiatus, it seems appropriate that I return with tales of where I’ve been. Mostly that would be in my desk chair – as my own boss, turns out I’m a slave driver. But that’s no fun. So let’s talk travel. I took a real-deal two week [...]

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