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Gossler Farms Part 2 – the plants

Monday 15 February 2010 - Filed under Nurseries + Plants

What’s a trip to a nursery without a handful of plants added to the wish list? I wonder, for people who have more experience plant gawking than I do, if you ever feel like you’ve already seen it all? I almost hope I never know all the plants there are to know so I can always be surprised by the plants I find. The bonus of a trip in February is getting more ideas for winter interest.

daphne x houtteana
Daphne houtteana caught my eye as an evergreen purple leafed daphne.

Another daphne with good foliage: Daphne Briggs ‘Moonglow.’ Looking at the daphne catalog selection now that I’m back home, I missed a bunch of other good ones. D. Jim’s Pride blooms from April to October, and d. Longiloblata has greenish flowers and large red fruit. Want them all.

Epimedium ecalcaratum
I didn’t manage to come away with an in focus picture of Epimedium ecalcaratum, but still, in honor of the recent holiday, I had to share the strands of pink spiky heart shaped leaves.

Corylopsis gotana
Hard to resist a photo of the blooms on Corylopsis Gotana.

Rhododendron powder snow
I just love rhododendrons with downy soft indumentum. Rhododendron ‘Powder Snow’ here. So soft.

rhododendron williamsonianum wright
Rhododendron williamsonianum wright flowers are scented of cinnamon. And yet another Rhododendron sneaks onto my list.

osmanthus ogon
Osmanthus ogon has golden leaves year round in shade. Leaving this plant behind was ill-advised. This tops my list of plants to go back for.

Drimys lanceolata (tasmanian pepper bush)
I love the reddish stems and silvery evergreen leaves on Drimys lanceolata or Tasmanian pepper bush.

leucothoe keiskei
Bronzy reddish new growth on Leucothoe keiskei. This was apparently a plant that people were slow to warm up to, but Gossler persisted, knowing it was a keeper, and it has started to grab the attention it deserves.

Vaccinium Sunshine blue (blueberry)
I admit to some past snobbery when it comes to blueberry bushes, not realizing how beautiful they could be. I’m thinking I need Vaccinium Sunshine blue in the new garden I’m planning in the neighbor’s front yard (with their permission for a friendly takeover).

tree fern
And back in the category of their pet plants, check out the size of this tree fern!

dwarf daphne
Also in the definitely-not-for-sale camp, Roger Gossler has a collection of rare teeny tiny dwarf daphnes. It’s fun to see that even someone in the plant business himself has plants he has to go out and stalk to acquire, and his damn near impossible to find Daphnes fall into that category. It just proves, no matter how impressive your garden, how many plants you have access to, there’s no such thing as “done” when it comes to plant collecting. Collectors, we are all doomed to the plant search game forever. But happily doomed I hope.

2010-02-15  »  megan

Talkback x 7

  1. cindee
    15 February 2010 @ 10:37 am

    Mmmmm. Yummy. Makes me want to take another trip out there!

  2. Karen
    15 February 2010 @ 10:54 am

    Oh man, “done” – can you imagine? That would be boring! It’s great to always find something new to covet, even if it just stays in that category. That tiny daphne, how adorably wacky! Do they leave their tree fern out all year, just protected in that spot by the wall and overhang? The purple leucothoe is divine, I would buy that one for sure if I saw it. And I can heartily recommend that ‘Sunshine’ blueberry, it has been gorgeous all winter and I have been meaning to put up photos of its foliage, great range of colors on every leaf. Looks like a great trip! But Megan, whatever did you buy???!!

  3. Loree
    15 February 2010 @ 1:33 pm

    I’ve never considered myself a Daphne fan, but that Daphne Briggs ‘Moonglow’ just might change my mind. And that tree fern is amazing!!!

  4. Darla
    16 February 2010 @ 11:51 am

    I am certainly a plant gawker….I always see something new and interesting..

  5. Jane/Mulchmaid
    17 February 2010 @ 12:37 pm

    Lush. How lush and lovely all that foliage is this time of year. What a great place to visit. And after hearing Roger Gossler speak this past weekend, I’m just in awe of his encyclopedic knowledge, not to mention his delightful, down-to-earth enthusiasm in sharing it.

  6. Gracep
    18 February 2010 @ 10:55 pm

    Hi Megan~~ I’ve got two Sunshine Blue plants and can attest to their many merits. You’ve got some awesome selections here. Just to reinforce the fact that there will always be more plants to love, may I suggest on your next trip down you take a detour over to Dancing Oaks? :)

  7. megan
    19 February 2010 @ 7:29 am

    Cindee – I second that idea, you should go out there.
    Karen – yes, the idea of done makes me sad. Sometimes I worry the garden’s going to be too full for more plants. I only got two plants. One was the black hellebore I couldn’t get the week before, and another disporum night heron because I love the one that I have. I was there on some other business so it wasn’t a big shopping trip. I hope to have more to report soon, but it’s premature for a plant lust update.
    Loree – I’ve had a new found interest in daphnes too, since I’ve been finding plants with good leaves and berries. The twee purple flowers never did much for me, despite their sweet scent.
    Darla – plant gawking is my favorite.
    Jane – he is fun to see speak, I’m glad you were able to catch the show.
    Grace – That settles it, I have to get some of those Sunshine Blue plants. You’re right about Dancing Oaks, I need to make a trip that way.