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Mystery solved! (and more yellow flowers on the way)

Tuesday 11 November 2008 - Filed under Plants

I have finally positively identified the mystery plant I’ve had my eye on at the Chinese garden.
It’s Samura henryi, related to ginger (the name is an anagram for asarum). I’m into it for the velvety heart shaped leaves. It gets pale yellow flowers in late spring, which is a bummer for me, I’d rather just have the leaves, but this might be (yet another) exception to my white flowers or nothing rule.
Mystery plant on my wish list
It appears it likes moist and even boggy soil. I think this is another one growing right into the pond.
samura?  growing into the pond
It won’t be my first yellow flowered plant, even though I try to resist them. I picked up a lysimachia pardiformus at the last plant sale over there last month, but in my haste to elbow out the other shoppers so they couldn’t get any of the good stuff, I overlooked the yellow flowers when I was buying it. I came across a picture I took of it back in June, so I guess I liked it at the time, yellow flowers and all.
Lysimachia paridiformus in bloom

Right now, however, it looks like this.

Lysimachia paridiformus var. stenophylla

2008-11-11  »  megan

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  1. Karen
    11 November 2008 @ 5:07 pm

    The second photo really makes it look like evergreen wild ginger. I had that in my former garden, need to get some here too. Yellow flowers, yeah, not always my favorite. I like yellow-orange better, but I don’t imagine you do.

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    23 November 2008 @ 5:48 pm

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