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Shopping for Day of the Dead

Wednesday 10 December 2008 - Filed under Stores

South Congress street

It’s tough to check out Austin too much when I’m in a conference until 5 and everything seems to close by 6, but I went out to South Congress street last night, headed for a couple particular shops, and found all kinds of good stuff. One of my favorite shops was all decorations for Day of the Dead, which is my favorite holiday I don’t celebrate. The shop owner was, like everyone I’ve met in Austin, unbelievably friendly. I guess there’s a huge Day of the Dead parade here, he showed me pictures of the last one, with people dressed up like skeletons or Frida Kahlo.


I love these sugar skulls, but they’re too delicate to bring home. They’re completely edible. If I got the story right, the tradition is to throw these up in the air and then they shatter in the street and children eat the pieces?


He also told me that his friends from Mexico make fun of him for including his pets in his Day of the Dead alters, but he still does it. I’m a fan of the stuff with dogs, like this 4 foot sculpture of a person walking their little pup.


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