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2009-01-15 :: megan // Plants
Bad at winter

My banana winterizing attempts have officially failed. I tried a shortcut of one large insulating cage for a clump of bananas, rather than following instructions, and making individual insulation wrappers for each banana stalk. After a windy night last week, I found my insulation blown over, and the enclosed bananas completely died back. I find [...]

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2008-10-28 :: megan // Plants

I finally got most of my plant backlog in the ground last weekend. Some have temporary locations until I get more ground cleared, but it’s better than hiding pots in the shade where they’re unlikely to be spotted by the plant prowler. I’ve been tempting fate for weeks now with armloads of unplanted stuff, but [...]

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2008-09-10 :: megan // Plants
Surprises in the cleanup

I’ve been threatening to rip out everything in the front yard, so it’s trying to charm me into keeping some of it, and it’s working. Everything that’s about to be dug up is putting up little babies, trying to save itself. The acanthus that’s been struggling has a new little guy coming up beside it. [...]

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The Sedum ‘autumn joy’ is blooming now. It’s one of the plants in the front that I’m considering taking out, because it doesn’t really move me with its salmony colored flowers,and because it’s practically everywhere, but it’s hard to evict it when it’s such a hard worker, with the dried flower heads persisting throughout much [...]

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