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2009-06-05 :: megan // Plants
Fail Friday

Oh look, it’s fall, leaves falling, isn’t that nice? No, that is not nice. That’s just every day, spring, summer, and fall underneath my Acer Negundo over my patio. It drops leaves on the drying laundry, on the container garden below, on the patio furniture. It has weak wood, grows sideways, hangs over the Acer [...]


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2009-04-21 :: megan // Plants
Trees on notice

It’s hard, at this time of year, when everything’s so beautiful, to keep my resolve about cutting down the trees I was sure last year needed to go. Please don’t think me chainsaw happy, I love trees, and it kills me any time I see one go, but I have a few that might have [...]

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2008-11-13 :: megan // Plants

Last year, I had an apple tree removed. It had been planted too close to my house and the neighbors’ place, and it dropped apples all over my patio and their new deck. It’s the first tree I’ve ever had removed, and while it was the right thing to do, it left a shocking void [...]

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2008-10-03 :: megan // Plants
Happy October

Today in Portland we finally see the start of some cool, rainy, work in the garden in the day, sit in front of a fire with a hot toddy at night, fall like weather. The trees and shrubs are starting to show honest-to-god fall color. I wish my own garden was ablaze with incredible color, [...]

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2008-09-19 :: megan // Gardens + Plants
Tree issues

I love trees beyond reason, and the sound of a chain saw firing up in the neighborhood is cause for alarm, but I’ve got some hard tree decisions ahead of me. Some bad tree situations came with the house, and some I created on my own. I inherited a previous owner’s poorly sited apple tree, [...]

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