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2009-08-31 :: megan // Plants
Spotted! Fall!

I drove down to the beach this weekend to pick up Justin after he ran in the insane annual tradition that is Hood to Coast, the relay race from the mountain to Seaside. And what a road trip. Cool, drizzly weather with low hanging clouds that does this Irish girl’s heart good. I’ll admit it. [...]

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For Portlanders lucky enough to live on a nice steep hill that gives them good enough drainage to grow plants that otherwise don’t tolerate our wet winters, gardening is a totally different affair. In my parents’ neighborhood, there’s a house I must have driven by a hundred times, but never looked up to get a [...]


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I have been off shopping since I don’t have a steady gig, and I’ve been better at saving money than I ever have been before. I only spend money on necessities and emergencies and diet coke. Ever since I found out I was getting laid off, I promised my mom we’d have time to do [...]

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Last weekend I made my first trip to the newish Pomarius Nursery. It’s a 5 minute trip across the bridge from my house but I’d never been over there before, in industrial NW Portland, behind Bedford Brown on NW 18th & Vaughn. I want to point out, this was a sunny late morning, on a [...]

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2009-01-23 :: megan // General + Plants
Desert Island Plant Challenge

Yesterday, read a few blogs participating in a desert island plant challenge, organized at Shirls gardenwatch . If anything would grow, no climate restrictions, and you had food covered, which three plants would you take to a desert island? It’s hard, since I have plant hoarding tendencies, I want one of everything, but I do [...]

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2009-01-22 :: megan // Plants
Don’t touch the plants?

Are most gardeners plant-touchers? I have to be careful not to get busted at public gardens where they frown on it, but I can’t resist grabbing onto a stalk of timber bamboo if I’m walking by it, or checking out just how sharp the spines of an agave are. Edgeworthia buds look like silky little [...]

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2009-01-06 :: megan // Plants
Street agaves

I find it funny that in Portland, I stalk agaves because they aren’t easy to find, pay a fortune for them, keep them in pots where they’re the star of the garden, and spend the winter moving them around and covering and uncovering them with the weather forecast. In Texas, they’re just street plants, they’re [...]


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2008-12-29 :: megan // Plants
Post snow

It warmed up this weekend and I uncovered all my winterized stuff. We had about a week below freezing, a foot of snow, with some prolonged periods in the mid 20s. I pushed all the agave pots up against the south side of the house, covered them with a frost blanket, and covered that with [...]

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2008-12-23 :: megan // Plants
Now all there is to do is hope

I did the everything I could get to on the winterizing front. The pots were huddled by the south side of the house, the were bananas wrapped, the really tender stuff was relocated inside the house. Now all I have to do is resist the urge to declare winter over at the first sign of [...]

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2008-12-03 :: megan // Plants
Ill-prepared for winter

I didn’t believe winter weather was ever really going to hit Portland this year. Our low temperatures have been in the 40s. I had good intentions, but was putting off my winterizing plans until my vacation all last week, but then I got hit with the flu and didn’t manage to pull off any of [...]

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