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I want an overflowing garden where all the plants rub shoulders and there’s no dirt visible, so I like plants that spread, but I sometimes worry they’re going to be the ones in charge. Weeding is already a major undertaking, so a little maintenance doesn’t scare me, as long as I’m not busy creating the [...]

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2009-04-22 :: megan // Plants
Green on green

My favorite color combination in the garden is green and more green. Lucky for me, lots of plants come in that color. It felt like forever waiting, but I think spring is officially here and unstoppable. Every time I walk through the garden, currently a few times a day, something new has leafed out or [...]

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2009-04-13 :: megan // Plants
Afflicted with spring

I don’t very often focus on the fleeting interest of flowers, but the sun shining, birds singing and mild cool mornings are all conspiring to make me feel very sappy about how beautiful everything is right now. I’ll be back to my usual grumpy self as soon as we have a hot day that drives [...]

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2009-03-23 :: megan // General
Recession trellis

My charismatic thug, akebia quinata, has been growing noticeably daily, sending out new vines in vain, in search of some structure to twine around. The time had come, the time was now. Something had to be done but quick. It had to be both within my budget and extremely limited construction skills. I was trolling [...]

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2009-02-27 :: megan // Plants
Winter ends in 3… 2… 1…

I’m calling it. This morning is our final frost in Portland. I’ll put money on it. Keep in mind I have no expertise and a long track record of making bad bets. Seriously. I’m a little bit of a problem gambler. But how wrong could it go? It’s practically March, and today’s the last forecast [...]


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