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2009-09-11 :: megan // Gardens + Plants + Stores
More New York-y Goodness

If I lived in New York, I think I’d have to be a regular at Chris King of Foliage Plants. It was always closed when I walked by, but how I wanted to find a way in to that steamy tropical rooftop. Imagine living in one of those apartments with windows looking out on this [...]

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Lonely Planet, I am not, but for a lazy traveler whose idea of a good vacation day is a little walking, garden ogling, brunch, and inspired vintage shopping, I have found my foolproof day. Am I in a rut to beat this path three times in a row on trips to NYC? Maybe, but looking [...]


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Friday we spent the afternoon at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. From one extreme to the other. The last time I was here in January, it was too icy to walk around the pond, and there was no wildlife to be found, except for the birds. This time, it was hot hot hot. Since I’ve been [...]

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Our friends’ wedding rehearsal was held in the courtyard of their Brooklyn apartment. The patio and deck were surrounded by raised beds dominated by foliage plants – boxwoods punctuated with purple leafed smokebush, with a collection of meticulously pruned conifers at the end of the garden. The only flowers were island containers of pink pelargoniums. [...]

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