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The Unknowns I came home from the garden with a collection of unidentified plants I need to get my hands on. How fantastic is this combination, a colocasia with something? I love the way the leaf textures mingle, velvety with glossy. The widest leaves on this plant were about 10 inches across. Herbaceous stems about [...]

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Friday we spent the afternoon at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. From one extreme to the other. The last time I was here in January, it was too icy to walk around the pond, and there was no wildlife to be found, except for the birds. This time, it was hot hot hot. Since I’ve been [...]

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2009-02-06 :: megan // Gardens + Plants
In the desert pavilion

The desert pavillion at the Steinhardt Conservatory houses several agave attenuata I so desperately try to grow here. This is what they really should look like, although these were still little. I like how they lean to the side. Perfect for the edge of a path. This little aloe is funny, the markings make it [...]

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Outside at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, it was definitely winter. My favorite part, the Japanese garden with the huge pond was too icy and was closed, so I had to appreciate it from a chilly distance, but I was excited to spy this heron, who is probably used to catching fish here. When it’s not [...]

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