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2009-04-27 :: megan // Plants

I sort of bore myself today with a flowering post, so I’ll offer up something else interesting. My brother-in-law’s girlfriend Michelle is in college. She is involved in a program where she went down to Costa Rica for a month, where she is working on hands-on sustainable rural biointensive farming, or something like that with [...]

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2009-04-22 :: megan // Plants
Green on green

My favorite color combination in the garden is green and more green. Lucky for me, lots of plants come in that color. It felt like forever waiting, but I think spring is officially here and unstoppable. Every time I walk through the garden, currently a few times a day, something new has leafed out or [...]

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2009-03-31 :: megan // Plants
Carex for everything

I may be guilty of overusing carex in the garden, but it makes it too easy. There’s hardly a garden situation where carex couldn’t be the answer, and it always looks so good. Resembles a grass, but grows places grasses won’t, and many are evergreen. Completely indispensable garden staple around here. My very first carex, [...]


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2009-03-19 :: megan // Plants
Spring like

On this last day of winter, I’m seeing spring showing up all over in the yard. Since I plant most things for foliage rather than the flower, it’s an unexpected but pleasant surprise to find flowers among the leaves. Tiny little Oxalis oregana smalliana was a last minute addition to the garden in late fall, [...]

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2008-11-17 :: megan // Plants
Evergreen watch

I noticed a trend once I pulled together some pictures of my new evergreens in one place. The same leaf shape has been making a repeat appearance. I guess this has been the year of the palmate compound leaf in my garden. Identified on the plant tag as nothopanax, this one had me worried for [...]

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2008-11-06 :: megan // Plants
Loved and Lost

A moment of silence for the plants that didn’t make it this year… Some were dog-trampled, some were under-watered, some didn’t get the right amount of sun exposure, and some were just ingrates. Vancouveria hexandra, which should have delicate looking fresh bright green leaves atop dainty little stems, lost its battle early in the year. [...]

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2008-10-28 :: megan // Plants

I finally got most of my plant backlog in the ground last weekend. Some have temporary locations until I get more ground cleared, but it’s better than hiding pots in the shade where they’re unlikely to be spotted by the plant prowler. I’ve been tempting fate for weeks now with armloads of unplanted stuff, but [...]

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2008-10-13 :: megan // Plants
Planted, finally

This weekend I resisted buying some pretty tempting new plants, because I had a load of things from two previous shopping trips I still haven’t managed to get in the ground, and we’re already halfway through October. I remember July and August dragging on forever, waiting for the time to come where I could get [...]

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2008-09-22 :: megan // Plants
The haul

I did okay at the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon’s plant sale this weekend, I mostly came away with stuff I knew I needed, and only a few things that leave me wondering what I was thinking. I got a handful of the newcomers planted before running off to talk to neighbors, and then, right [...]

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The Sedum ‘autumn joy’ is blooming now. It’s one of the plants in the front that I’m considering taking out, because it doesn’t really move me with its salmony colored flowers,and because it’s practically everywhere, but it’s hard to evict it when it’s such a hard worker, with the dried flower heads persisting throughout much [...]

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