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I missed all the Chinese New Year events I wanted to see in New York because my travel schedule was exactly wrong to catch the parades and dancing dragons and firecrackers, but there was one last ceremony last night at the Portland Chinese Garden, which I decided to attend before I remembered how much I [...]

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I have finally positively identified the mystery plant I’ve had my eye on at the Chinese garden. It’s Samura henryi, related to ginger (the name is an anagram for asarum). I’m into it for the velvety heart shaped leaves. It gets pale yellow flowers in late spring, which is a bummer for me, I’d rather [...]

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I’ve been kicking myself for the entire last year after I missed the Chinese Garden’s demonstration of wrapping bananas and winterizing the garden. Hardy bananas (musa basjoo) are root hardy to 0, but you can lose the “trunk” in much warmer temperatures than that (and I have), and then you’re starting over the next year. [...]

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There’s not a lot of bare ground left in my garden right now, so I had to be restrained, but the Chinese Garden had a fall plant sale, and I couldn’t pass up some fantastic new stuff. I’ve been sticking to my plan to increase my evergreen collection, which is one of the things our [...]

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