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2009-09-11 :: megan // Gardens + Plants + Stores
More New York-y Goodness

If I lived in New York, I think I’d have to be a regular at Chris King of Foliage Plants. It was always closed when I walked by, but how I wanted to find a way in to that steamy tropical rooftop. Imagine living in one of those apartments with windows looking out on this [...]

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2009-07-01 :: megan // Plants
Change that line

You know how you worry you lost a plant over the winter, and everyone tells you to give it until June before you consider it gone? Let’s make that July. My favorite colocasia with the glossy leaves and black stem and leaf veins (and lost plant tag, no ID just yet) spent the winter in [...]

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2009-05-19 :: megan // Plants
More from the RPR sale

This plant wasn’t marked, so I can’t positively ID it, but it might be Colocasia esculenta ‘Fontanesii.’ I had it the last two years in a row, but didn’t bring it in over the winter last year, and it hasn’t shown up yet this year. It ended up being my favorite colocasia, with big beautiful [...]

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2008-12-16 :: megan // Plants
Good in the snow

I don’t mean to be an ingrate. I spend the entire year wishing for snow, and this year we got it, and it even stuck around, when we are usually lucky if we get to keep it around for a few hours. But this snow? I’m just going to say it. Sucks. Proper snow is [...]

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I am in search of a greenhouse this year. I hadn’t planned on being a greenhouse type gardener, but then this year I started buying containers and non-hardy plants. At the time, I told myself I was fine with treating them as long-lasting cut flowers, and if they made it through the winter, that would [...]

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