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Meetings and deadlines today, I am doing unemployment all wrong. I got my compost spread in the back yard over the holiday weekend last week, but still have about a yard left to spread in the front yard, just waiting for a day off of projects to finish it up. In my head, this unemployment [...]


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2009-05-20 :: megan // General

Much like how getting in the shower makes the phone or doorbell ring, ordering a load of compost makes a rush project come across your desk. But I think my plants are happy just knowing the compost is there. Maybe I can sneak in a couple hours to spread some on the high priority stuff [...]


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2009-05-11 :: megan // General
I garden for the glamour

A hypothetical situation: If you have a big ugly problem with nasty invasive weeds, you may, in desperation, try many different ways to get rid of them. You may find something that seems to work, but wonder if there isn’t a better way. Something cheaper, easier, less of a back breaking commitment. Maybe you try [...]


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2009-05-01 :: megan // Plants
Welcome, May

This time last year, I had just spread a fresh load of compost. This week was too busy for that, but it looks like next week could be my window, finishing up one freelance project before beginning another. It just kills me, looking back at the pictures from last year, how much better the garden [...]

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