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2009-05-29 :: megan // Plants
Admitting I have a problem

And I thought I was wasting time, turns out it pays to keep up on twitter. Yesterday, Amanda of Kiss My Aster hooked me up with tickets to her webinar, Nursery School: Affordable Garden Design. Amanda has worked in nurseries for about 400 years (her words), and had all kinds of insider insight. For instance, [...]

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2009-05-05 :: megan // Plants
Leafless news

Just look at all that bamboo, being bamboo and clearly nothing else. Wait a second, you in the front, could I see some ID? What are you trying to pull? It’s been hard to catch the deception on camera, but I’m leaking the photos to the paparazzi anyway. This one crazy disporum was just a [...]

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2009-04-22 :: megan // Plants
Green on green

My favorite color combination in the garden is green and more green. Lucky for me, lots of plants come in that color. It felt like forever waiting, but I think spring is officially here and unstoppable. Every time I walk through the garden, currently a few times a day, something new has leafed out or [...]

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