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2009-01-21 :: megan // Gardens + Nurseries + Plants
What winter?

Cistus Nursery on Sauvie Island is a fun trip any time of year, but it’s my favorite nursery to visit in winter. Any time of year, on the drive out, you pass cows, horses, chickens. You’re likely to see herons, egrets, and hawks, and sometimes you go to pick up a plant, and a little [...]

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2009-01-16 :: megan // Plants
Can you have a crush on a tree?

I was thinking about my newly vacant spot by my patio, how it’s crying out for an evergreen, and how long I’ve been wanting a pine, but had no place to put one. I’ve had a thing for them since learning about the traditional Chinese “Three Friends of Winter,” the pine, bamboo, and plum that [...]

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2008-12-17 :: megan // Gardens + Homes
Neighborhood walk

Sunday it was my step father’s birthday, and we had a bad combination of snow, no chains, and hills, so we walked the 2 miles up to the parent’s house. It gave me time to think about the neighbors, and I realized I have something to say. Dear people who lived in the one mansion [...]

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Every time I pass by the Sawtoothed Japanese Aucubas at Portland Nursery, I stop and look at the picture on the plant tag. The smallish plants themselves in the pot don’t look especially eye catching, but the graceful arching stems on the picture make me think twice. They make a pretty natural looking hedge in [...]

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2008-11-17 :: megan // Plants
Evergreen watch

I noticed a trend once I pulled together some pictures of my new evergreens in one place. The same leaf shape has been making a repeat appearance. I guess this has been the year of the palmate compound leaf in my garden. Identified on the plant tag as nothopanax, this one had me worried for [...]

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2008-10-15 :: megan // Plants
I want more

Who cares if we’re in the midst of an economic crisis, and my 401k just makes a sad trombone sound when I check the balance, and I just borrowed a lot of dollars to install a new furnace, and my oven is on the fritz, the washing machine is flaky, and I need to repaint [...]

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2008-10-10 :: megan // Plants
Looking back on the season

I’m getting better over time at making a new area look more established quicker. It took me almost 10 years to get my early plantings big and filled in, but an area I just cleared and planted this year took shape over the last 6 months. It will mature and look better over the years [...]

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2008-10-09 :: megan // Plants
Out with the old, in with the new

I’ve been semi-successful in my vow to be ruthless and rip out things that don’t make the grade for various reasons: either they’re not thriving, they’re in the wrong spot, or I just don’t like them as much as I thought I would. I always get cold feet about taking a planted up area, even [...]

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