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2009-05-01 :: megan // Plants
Welcome, May

This time last year, I had just spread a fresh load of compost. This week was too busy for that, but it looks like next week could be my window, finishing up one freelance project before beginning another. It just kills me, looking back at the pictures from last year, how much better the garden [...]

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2009-04-22 :: megan // Plants
Green on green

My favorite color combination in the garden is green and more green. Lucky for me, lots of plants come in that color. It felt like forever waiting, but I think spring is officially here and unstoppable. Every time I walk through the garden, currently a few times a day, something new has leafed out or [...]

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2009-01-23 :: megan // General + Plants
Desert Island Plant Challenge

Yesterday, read a few blogs participating in a desert island plant challenge, organized at Shirls gardenwatch . If anything would grow, no climate restrictions, and you had food covered, which three plants would you take to a desert island? It’s hard, since I have plant hoarding tendencies, I want one of everything, but I do [...]

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2008-12-16 :: megan // Plants
Good in the snow

I don’t mean to be an ingrate. I spend the entire year wishing for snow, and this year we got it, and it even stuck around, when we are usually lucky if we get to keep it around for a few hours. But this snow? I’m just going to say it. Sucks. Proper snow is [...]

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#1. Moss covered branches in winter #2. Big leafed rhododendrons #3. Moss gardens #4. Monster leaves of Gunnera #5. Hairy fiddleheads #6. Alien beauties like Pinellia cordata #7. Spring leaves of the golden full moon maple #8. The pleated new growth of rubus lineatus #9. Sharp spines of agaves against a velvety bamboo backdrop #10. [...]

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2008-11-12 :: megan // Plants
I forgot about groundcovers

I’ve been looking at my yard thinking something was missing, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what. When planning for a friend’s yard, I divided up their shopping list by trees, shrubs, perennials, and groundcovers, and had a moment where I realized I had completely forgotten about groundcovers in my own yard. I got so [...]

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2008-10-24 :: megan // Plants
This one is confused

About a month ago, I was watching one of the better, non-gimmicky gardening shows on TV, Gardener’s Diary, and someone out-plant-snobbed me. I turn my nose up at plenty of flowers, but when a plant addict talked about falling out of love with her witch hazels, and replacing them with something she considered more inspired, [...]

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2008-10-21 :: megan // Gardens + Plants
Leach Botanical Garden

The Leach Botanical Garden is just 20 minutes away from Portland’s city center, but I had never been out there before this weekend, when I was scouting the location for a potential wedding venue for friends in New York. The property had been a couple’s home and garden for almost 40 years, and now it’s [...]

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2008-10-13 :: megan // Plants
Planted, finally

This weekend I resisted buying some pretty tempting new plants, because I had a load of things from two previous shopping trips I still haven’t managed to get in the ground, and we’re already halfway through October. I remember July and August dragging on forever, waiting for the time to come where I could get [...]

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2008-09-22 :: megan // Plants
The haul

I did okay at the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon’s plant sale this weekend, I mostly came away with stuff I knew I needed, and only a few things that leave me wondering what I was thinking. I got a handful of the newcomers planted before running off to talk to neighbors, and then, right [...]

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