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2009-09-21 :: megan // Plants
The ones that got away

I haven’t stopped thinking about these Licorice Fern logs since I saw them at the HPSO sale this weekend. I didn’t even take note of the nursery that had them, so they’ll probably go on my wish list until I come across them again. They’re really quite beautiful for a shady woodland spot in the [...]

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2009-05-22 :: megan // Plants
Unlikely combinations

Here’s an accidental combination I never would have thought of. Ostrich ferns (I think) and california poppy. It’s down the street in a garden I loved instantly when I moved into the neighborhood. It was tiny, just a few feet of border around the house, but there was this rhythmic repetition of Vine maples and [...]

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2008-10-09 :: megan // Plants
Out with the old, in with the new

I’ve been semi-successful in my vow to be ruthless and rip out things that don’t make the grade for various reasons: either they’re not thriving, they’re in the wrong spot, or I just don’t like them as much as I thought I would. I always get cold feet about taking a planted up area, even [...]

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