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2009-04-15 :: megan // Plants
The downside of keeping records

I wonder sometimes how many plants I’ve lost that I just forgot about and didn’t bother to mourn. Now that I’ve been keeping my gardening records on flickr (pictures of plants with names and plant tag info, organized into sets corresponding to the area of the garden they’re planted in), I can go back to [...]

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#1. Moss covered branches in winter #2. Big leafed rhododendrons #3. Moss gardens #4. Monster leaves of Gunnera #5. Hairy fiddleheads #6. Alien beauties like Pinellia cordata #7. Spring leaves of the golden full moon maple #8. The pleated new growth of rubus lineatus #9. Sharp spines of agaves against a velvety bamboo backdrop #10. [...]

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2008-11-03 :: megan // Plants

Happy November! We had a beautiful mild October with hardly any rain here in Portland, but finally we have some good rainy fall weather on the way to water in the new plants. Some of the spring plants were iffy, some still are, but at least we’re through the hot dry weather, and the rain [...]

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2008-09-04 :: megan // Plants
Memory loss

This weekend I uncovered this beauty in the garden, the golden full moon maple (acer shirasawanum ‘aureum’). It’s one of my favorite trees, but I’d totally forgotten it was there, when it was hidden under the leaves of an acanthus. I had wanted it forever, but they’re so expensive and small and slow growing, and [...]

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