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2010-05-10 :: megan // Stores

Year by year, my back gets slightly more pulled together, and I can focus on more than just pulling weeds and trying to fill the empty space with new plants. Not that I mind that part, but sometimes I want to be able to sit back and enjoy all the work. I am inching toward [...]

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2008-07-07 :: megan // Homes
Ikea weekend

This weekend I braved the Ikea, and it did not kill me, yet. One day, I will have a heart attack there. You can see someone from 15 feet away get all inspired to invade your personal space, and it doesn’t matter what evasive maneuvers you take, they will come stand a foot away from [...]


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2008-03-19 :: megan // Homes
The kids at ikea are so clever

This adorable little strand of lights is battery operated, so I can toss them around wherever I want without being tethered to electrical outlets. They’re currently guiding my way to the bar, but I’ll take them outside for drinks on the patio on a summer night. Or, I’ll just spring for a few more strands [...]

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