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2008-10-21 :: megan // Gardens + Plants
Leach Botanical Garden

The Leach Botanical Garden is just 20 minutes away from Portland’s city center, but I had never been out there before this weekend, when I was scouting the location for a potential wedding venue for friends in New York. The property had been a couple’s home and garden for almost 40 years, and now it’s [...]

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2008-10-17 :: megan // Plants
That settles it

I mentioned a while back that I was considering a katsura in my little remaining space for new trees. They’re charming trees, with pretty, delicate looking fresh light green leaves that turn brilliant shades of orange in the fall, in a shapely tree. All that I knew. Today, I was reading Don’s great blog, An [...]


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2008-10-03 :: megan // Plants
Happy October

Today in Portland we finally see the start of some cool, rainy, work in the garden in the day, sit in front of a fire with a hot toddy at night, fall like weather. The trees and shrubs are starting to show honest-to-god fall color. I wish my own garden was ablaze with incredible color, [...]

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