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2010-06-24 :: megan // Plants

Echium death star is one of many plants I wish I could grow in my Portland garden, but I’m a zone or two outside of it’s range, and lacking the sunny spot and poor soil it would thrive in. I might get the chance to grow it as an annual some years, but I’m destined [...]

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2009-04-22 :: megan // Plants
Green on green

My favorite color combination in the garden is green and more green. Lucky for me, lots of plants come in that color. It felt like forever waiting, but I think spring is officially here and unstoppable. Every time I walk through the garden, currently a few times a day, something new has leafed out or [...]

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2008-12-04 :: megan // Plants
December garden happenings

I always forget how much life the garden still has in December. I think it’s usually February when I start to go crazy wishing for spring. I have the worst case of amnesia when it comes to whatever this plant is. I have a couple, I see them all the time, and I have no [...]

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I have finally positively identified the mystery plant I’ve had my eye on at the Chinese garden. It’s Samura henryi, related to ginger (the name is an anagram for asarum). I’m into it for the velvety heart shaped leaves. It gets pale yellow flowers in late spring, which is a bummer for me, I’d rather [...]

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There’s not a lot of bare ground left in my garden right now, so I had to be restrained, but the Chinese Garden had a fall plant sale, and I couldn’t pass up some fantastic new stuff. I’ve been sticking to my plan to increase my evergreen collection, which is one of the things our [...]

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2008-10-13 :: megan // Plants
Planted, finally

This weekend I resisted buying some pretty tempting new plants, because I had a load of things from two previous shopping trips I still haven’t managed to get in the ground, and we’re already halfway through October. I remember July and August dragging on forever, waiting for the time to come where I could get [...]

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