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Rubus lineatus is evergreen, but this is my first winter with it, and I’m not sure if this is a normal response to the snow or cold or what. This may just be the way the leaves look in winter, even if they stick around all year. It doesn’t look super happy. I still love [...]

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2008-11-05 :: megan // Plants
Are we all sick of fall color?

Fall has been in full swing for a while now, but my own garden didn’t get the memo. Part of the process for me learning to be a better gardener has been thinking about a garden that changes with seasons. I want to, at some point, look forward to things like the appearance of berries [...]

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2008-10-20 :: megan // Plants
What an amazing weekend

The last two days were perfect fall days here in Portland. It seems like an especially good year for trees turning colors. It’s so distracting to drive, I must have pulled over 20 times to take pictures of something unbelievable. It took me forever to get anywhere. Some years, it gets rainy and windy and [...]

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2008-09-29 :: megan // Plants
The first of the fall moves

Before the weather got all 90 degrees on us this weekend, I got to a few of my planting chores, but I still have enough of a backup of unplanted things from last weekend’s HPSO plant sale that I skipped this weekend’s Berry Botanical Garden plant sale. I’m grounding myself from buying anything more until [...]

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Across the street from my mom’s house, there’s a woman slowly but surely removing her grass and replacing it with precisely placed plantings dotting the parking strip in a style that is all her own. I like the way each of the plants is treated democratically, with its own space, but I would never have [...]


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2008-09-22 :: megan // Plants
The haul

I did okay at the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon’s plant sale this weekend, I mostly came away with stuff I knew I needed, and only a few things that leave me wondering what I was thinking. I got a handful of the newcomers planted before running off to talk to neighbors, and then, right [...]

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