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2010-04-22 :: megan // Plants
New year, new color

This may be more common than I realize in the flower world, but I don’t grow very many flowering plants, so it’s new to me. I bought this peony for the foliage and unassuming single white flowers. Sadly when it first bloomed two years ago, it was a candy cane. But then, last year, it [...]


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Please forgive the following image: I bought this peony two years ago for its unusual leaves and, according to the tag, single white flowers that I found very elegant. I had seen one in bloom out in the understory of tall trees in the Berry Botanic Garden, and I loved the idea of a delicate [...]


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2009-04-23 :: megan // Plants
Spring like

We’ve got a nice cloudy day today with a few showers moving through, the perfect day for some work in the garden. Everything looks so happy and refreshed by the rain. This peony collected glittery rain drops on the leaves, probably marking the last time I’m going to like this plant for a little while. [...]

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2009-03-09 :: megan // Plants
Signs of life?

It’s the time of year where I’m hunting for anything at all peking out of the soil. I think I’m seeing the start of a peony I’ve been worried about. If that’s the peony, this is year 3 in my garden, and maybe it’s finally going to have more than one stem. Both previous years, [...]


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2008-09-29 :: megan // Plants
The first of the fall moves

Before the weather got all 90 degrees on us this weekend, I got to a few of my planting chores, but I still have enough of a backup of unplanted things from last weekend’s HPSO plant sale that I skipped this weekend’s Berry Botanical Garden plant sale. I’m grounding myself from buying anything more until [...]

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