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2009-01-22 :: megan // Plants
Don’t touch the plants?

Are most gardeners plant-touchers? I have to be careful not to get busted at public gardens where they frown on it, but I can’t resist grabbing onto a stalk of timber bamboo if I’m walking by it, or checking out just how sharp the spines of an agave are. Edgeworthia buds look like silky little [...]

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2009-01-16 :: megan // Plants
Can you have a crush on a tree?

I was thinking about my newly vacant spot by my patio, how it’s crying out for an evergreen, and how long I’ve been wanting a pine, but had no place to put one. I’ve had a thing for them since learning about the traditional Chinese “Three Friends of Winter,” the pine, bamboo, and plum that [...]

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2008-12-03 :: megan // Plants
Ill-prepared for winter

I didn’t believe winter weather was ever really going to hit Portland this year. Our low temperatures have been in the 40s. I had good intentions, but was putting off my winterizing plans until my vacation all last week, but then I got hit with the flu and didn’t manage to pull off any of [...]

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2008-11-20 :: megan // Nurseries + Plants
November nursery walkthrough

I love this time of year for all the obvious, hot chocolately, praying for snow, christmas lights reasons. But also, it is the time of year when the fair weather gardeners have better things to do, and I get the nurseries almost to myself, and I can engage my OCD and touch the plants and [...]

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Some years my mother in law (to be) asks for things I have no idea how to do, like a home made potting bench–I think we bought her new cookware that year. This year, however, she just wanted help moving and planting this pine she had delivered. That’s something I know how to do. I [...]

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2008-10-13 :: megan // Plants
Planted, finally

This weekend I resisted buying some pretty tempting new plants, because I had a load of things from two previous shopping trips I still haven’t managed to get in the ground, and we’re already halfway through October. I remember July and August dragging on forever, waiting for the time to come where I could get [...]

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