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#1. Moss covered branches in winter #2. Big leafed rhododendrons #3. Moss gardens #4. Monster leaves of Gunnera #5. Hairy fiddleheads #6. Alien beauties like Pinellia cordata #7. Spring leaves of the golden full moon maple #8. The pleated new growth of rubus lineatus #9. Sharp spines of agaves against a velvety bamboo backdrop #10. [...]

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2008-09-24 :: megan // Plants
Small stuff

Getting further into my boxes from the plant sale, I found the smallest and best of my buys. Little pinellia cordata, that I’ve been after since I learned it existed this summer. It’s only 6″ tall, and I love love love everything about it. I can’t decide if the leaves or the flower (well, spathe [...]

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