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2009-06-04 :: megan // Plants
A few flowers

It’s a nice bonus that the possibly doomed pittosporum planted for its glossy evergreen-ness has bloomed with unexpectedly fragrant little white flowers. I was excited enough just to see the new growth, I didn’t even know it bloomed. This poppy refuses to die, so I’ve stopped trying to dig it out, although I have tried, [...]

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2009-04-24 :: megan // Plants

I never get tired of watching new leaves emerge. Flowers are fine, but after staring at the bare winter landscape for months, I’m most excited about being surrounded by lush green. Even the evergreens, like this pittosporum, put on a show of growing new leaves that stops me in my tracks and makes my fish [...]

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2009-02-25 :: megan // Plants
Puzzling referrals

A lot of people get the benefit of funny analytics about how people arrive at their site, they find that someone googled “is my grandpa a ninja?,” but not me. My analytics reveal exceptionally straight laced hard core gardening nerds like me. I guess as quirky as it gets is “shoes in closet,” which gets [...]

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2008-12-01 :: megan // Plants
That sinking feeling

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion I’ve planted the wrong plant in the wrong place. I planted this pittosporum (above) just this fall, in the prime space right in the middle, front row in my front yard. I thought it was a dwarf variety, that would top out at 3 or 4 feet tall. Clue #1 [...]


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There’s not a lot of bare ground left in my garden right now, so I had to be restrained, but the Chinese Garden had a fall plant sale, and I couldn’t pass up some fantastic new stuff. I’ve been sticking to my plan to increase my evergreen collection, which is one of the things our [...]

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When I said yesterday that I was grounded from buying more plants until I got the ones I already had in the ground, that excluded something perfect and just exactly what I need. I found two fairly large, fairly inexpensive, glossy leafed evergreens that exactly fit some bare spots from where I removed some non-performers. [...]

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2008-09-20 :: megan // Plants
Show time

It’s time to warm up the credit card and compile all of my lists from cocktail napkins so I can hit the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon’s Fall Plant Sale today and tomorrow. This spring I won at the sale buy buying more than anyone else. Today I don’t plan to win, but I never [...]

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