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I still feel like spring just barely arrived, but I guess summer is actually here. In the blink of an eye, I looked up, and the tallest of the plume poppies (macleaya cordata) are 10 feet tall and in bloom. The leaves have reached their dinner plate proportions. Sure, I’ve been pulling up some unwanted [...]

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I want an overflowing garden where all the plants rub shoulders and there’s no dirt visible, so I like plants that spread, but I sometimes worry they’re going to be the ones in charge. Weeding is already a major undertaking, so a little maintenance doesn’t scare me, as long as I’m not busy creating the [...]

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2009-04-24 :: megan // Plants

I never get tired of watching new leaves emerge. Flowers are fine, but after staring at the bare winter landscape for months, I’m most excited about being surrounded by lush green. Even the evergreens, like this pittosporum, put on a show of growing new leaves that stops me in my tracks and makes my fish [...]

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2008-08-29 :: megan // Plants
Garden walkthrough

I haven’t walked through the back yard for a week, but last night I found all kinds of late summer things have been busy happening while I wasn’t looking. I have this Rose of Sharon that was here when I bought the house. It’s planted in the shade between two houses, when it really wants [...]

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