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2009-07-06 :: megan // Plants
Expecting and things

For the last couple years, I’ve been getting golf ball sized galls on rosa glauca. I haven’t given them a lot of thought, other than, “oh wow, there’s one more thing I like more than flowers.” I once bought some plastic decorations, green spiky balls that looked quite similar, so I will apparently pay money [...]

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2009-06-04 :: megan // Plants
A few flowers

It’s a nice bonus that the possibly doomed pittosporum planted for its glossy evergreen-ness has bloomed with unexpectedly fragrant little white flowers. I was excited enough just to see the new growth, I didn’t even know it bloomed. This poppy refuses to die, so I’ve stopped trying to dig it out, although I have tried, [...]

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2009-05-29 :: megan // Plants
Admitting I have a problem

And I thought I was wasting time, turns out it pays to keep up on twitter. Yesterday, Amanda of Kiss My Aster hooked me up with tickets to her webinar, Nursery School: Affordable Garden Design. Amanda has worked in nurseries for about 400 years (her words), and had all kinds of insider insight. For instance, [...]

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2008-11-13 :: megan // Plants

Last year, I had an apple tree removed. It had been planted too close to my house and the neighbors’ place, and it dropped apples all over my patio and their new deck. It’s the first tree I’ve ever had removed, and while it was the right thing to do, it left a shocking void [...]

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