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Because… I haven’t dug up and brought in the aeoniums… I haven’t mulched the ginger or tetrapanax… I haven’t planted my new plant purchases, but rather dropped them into a couple empty pots, and I haven’t brought my pots under the eaves on the south wall of the house… I haven’t wrapped the banana pseudotrunks [...]

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2008-12-22 :: megan // General
Reasons to love winter

I spent the last week with jaded midwesterners shaking their head at me for peeking out the window watching for the snow to stick. What’s so good about snow? Walking to get a bourbon hot chocolate for breakfast. Walking to get dessert at Pix Staying to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas Followed by a [...]

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2008-12-18 :: megan // Gardens
I take it back

All the mean things I said about Portland weather, never mind. My mom sent me this picture of her back yard this morning. They didn’t forecast it, but we got a real snow, properly sticking on the branches and leaves, not just blowing around. Many of the plants in here were a mother’s day present [...]

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2008-12-17 :: megan // Gardens + Homes
Neighborhood walk

Sunday it was my step father’s birthday, and we had a bad combination of snow, no chains, and hills, so we walked the 2 miles up to the parent’s house. It gave me time to think about the neighbors, and I realized I have something to say. Dear people who lived in the one mansion [...]

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2008-12-16 :: megan // Plants
Good in the snow

I don’t mean to be an ingrate. I spend the entire year wishing for snow, and this year we got it, and it even stuck around, when we are usually lucky if we get to keep it around for a few hours. But this snow? I’m just going to say it. Sucks. Proper snow is [...]

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2008-03-28 :: megan // Homes

If you were watching local Portland news ever, you would think that the only place it ever snows is in the West hills, and meanwhile, on the East side, even if it did snow, we are all too busy shooting at each other to notice. But today I called a cease fire in my house [...]


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