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2009-04-23 :: megan // Plants
Spring like

We’ve got a nice cloudy day today with a few showers moving through, the perfect day for some work in the garden. Everything looks so happy and refreshed by the rain. This peony collected glittery rain drops on the leaves, probably marking the last time I’m going to like this plant for a little while. [...]

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Hypothetically, if you were a gardener who had recently become unemployed and were making an effort to be frugal and only spend money on necessities and emergencies, is getting your annual load of compost an emergency, or at least a necessity, knowing how much better the whole yard looks when you mulch it with a [...]

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2008-11-06 :: megan // Plants
Loved and Lost

A moment of silence for the plants that didn’t make it this year… Some were dog-trampled, some were under-watered, some didn’t get the right amount of sun exposure, and some were just ingrates. Vancouveria hexandra, which should have delicate looking fresh bright green leaves atop dainty little stems, lost its battle early in the year. [...]

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2008-10-21 :: megan // Gardens + Plants
Leach Botanical Garden

The Leach Botanical Garden is just 20 minutes away from Portland’s city center, but I had never been out there before this weekend, when I was scouting the location for a potential wedding venue for friends in New York. The property had been a couple’s home and garden for almost 40 years, and now it’s [...]

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