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2009-05-29 :: megan // Plants
Admitting I have a problem

And I thought I was wasting time, turns out it pays to keep up on twitter. Yesterday, Amanda of Kiss My Aster hooked me up with tickets to her webinar, Nursery School: Affordable Garden Design. Amanda has worked in nurseries for about 400 years (her words), and had all kinds of insider insight. For instance, [...]

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2008-09-22 :: megan // Plants
The haul

I did okay at the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon’s plant sale this weekend, I mostly came away with stuff I knew I needed, and only a few things that leave me wondering what I was thinking. I got a handful of the newcomers planted before running off to talk to neighbors, and then, right [...]

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2008-08-29 :: megan // Plants
Garden walkthrough

I haven’t walked through the back yard for a week, but last night I found all kinds of late summer things have been busy happening while I wasn’t looking. I have this Rose of Sharon that was here when I bought the house. It’s planted in the shade between two houses, when it really wants [...]

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