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2009-04-21 :: megan // Plants
Trees on notice

It’s hard, at this time of year, when everything’s so beautiful, to keep my resolve about cutting down the trees I was sure last year needed to go. Please don’t think me chainsaw happy, I love trees, and it kills me any time I see one go, but I have a few that might have [...]

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2009-01-16 :: megan // Plants
Can you have a crush on a tree?

I was thinking about my newly vacant spot by my patio, how it’s crying out for an evergreen, and how long I’ve been wanting a pine, but had no place to put one. I’ve had a thing for them since learning about the traditional Chinese “Three Friends of Winter,” the pine, bamboo, and plum that [...]

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2008-10-21 :: megan // Gardens + Plants
Leach Botanical Garden

The Leach Botanical Garden is just 20 minutes away from Portland’s city center, but I had never been out there before this weekend, when I was scouting the location for a potential wedding venue for friends in New York. The property had been a couple’s home and garden for almost 40 years, and now it’s [...]

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2008-09-19 :: megan // Gardens + Plants
Tree issues

I love trees beyond reason, and the sound of a chain saw firing up in the neighborhood is cause for alarm, but I’ve got some hard tree decisions ahead of me. Some bad tree situations came with the house, and some I created on my own. I inherited a previous owner’s poorly sited apple tree, [...]

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